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I know, I know, I'm evil.

Alexander, as all King's Quest fans know, is a smouldering pile of angry depression prone to fits of frustrated rage and maddened sorrow brought on by his years of being horribly abused by his master...

...according to some of the various fan interpretations of the official games he appears in He's actually a pretty well-adjusted man with quite a sense of humor* within the context of the games, if somewhat slightly quieter and somewhat more withdrawn than most of the protagonists. Still, I can see how all this might be interpreted as warning signs of his being fated to become the Supreme Black Vicuna of McDoomDarkDeathEvil Land.

P. S.: The title and the picture make much more sense if you watch this about halfway through - [link]

*Alex [on the subject of his keeping a low profile in the Green Isles]: I haven't exactly been discreet, I'm afraid.
Jollo the clown [exasperated]: Alexander, this is serious.
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This... is amazing. As soon as I saw it I thought, "Potter Puppet Pals!" and then I saw your description, woo!

And yeah, Angst!Alexander makes me laugh, I mean, in KQ3 he certainly doesn't seem all depressed and emo... I mean, he gets joy out of kicking a cat for goodness' sake! Plus, I think if he got emo Manannan would probably kill him out of annoyance.