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Another little Vidole and Kigeni comic that I would have uploaded to TLKFAA, but it was much too large.

I get at least one of the questions in V+K’s comment in nearly every animation I upload and it gets more and more irritating as time goes on. Make me wonder why I ever bother putting all this information in both the animation’s end “credits” and the image description.

Rrrgh…one of these days…

(incidentally, everything mentioned in the image description is real. There really is a short story made for radio called "The Cheesemen of Mars". Honestly.)
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FablePaintProfessional Filmographer
Deviantart is a tree with a spider's web hanging from its branches.
Like the concept, the comic's even funnier.
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Thanks! That tree is actually something I've used once or twice before as a "living metaphor" for the Internet, a.k.a., "the web".
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Well I believe you, why do some people have to e so nosey? :-(
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It's not people being nosy that bothers me, it's people who ask questions about things that I've already made clear in image descriptions.
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x.o people realllly ought to read descriptions.
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Night-Wing Interface Designer
Haha! Cool. :)
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I know the feeling. It's really annoying to see that every time I have music in some animation and I mention its name in the end credits, someone goes asking "what's the song called?". Actually, I did a while ago a "Don't ask stupid questions" picture, after being pissed about people asking them. I didn't upload that picture, though, because it was a little nasty.

I really love your web & tree concept representing the commenting system. :)
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I think that this is really actual. I like your drawingsand your ideas on every deviation, so I don't think that this is something really really special, but I have to say I like it anyway ^^; Hping that this comment is not as nothering as that lion's :)
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Thank you! I appreciate it when people put a lot of thought into their comments; it makes them much more personal.
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Oh yeah, I am totally according. If you see just 'nice' or 'this is super :+fav:' it's...yeah, it's sympatic, but if there are some clues how to make the picture better or what is concretely wonderfull on the picture or what concretely makes the picture so cool, it's really better :) But in the fact, sometimes I rate the deviations with one word - it's usually when I do not have much time but I want to elt the artist know, that the picture is really super. :)
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AshaGoesRARProfessional Filmographer
Aww das so cyoot! Who are the adorable lions?

.... :giggle:

Yeah, this really bothers me too. My ending sequence, people ask me who the three linacals are. And what the music is. When the credits clearly specify....

Which leads me to wonder about comments like this.... Do they actually WATCH them? Or just look at what everybody else comments and comment some lame thing?? Or watch like, two seconds and be like....oooh omgb like totl favv!

I love the whole "shooop!" How the upload gets wooshed up into the network and then "shooom!" A reply shoots down. It reminds me a lot of Fifth Element.

"YOU ARE FIRED!" Haha. Sorry.

Love the paws with the toes as usual. I just love Viddles! The erked expression is really good too.
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Some of these inattentive responses make me want to leave out the animation credits and say "I'm not gonna tell you who the characters are or where I got the sound effects from, and I'll never tell, no matter how many times you ask me, so NYAAAA!", just to let them know that I've got the right to be irritating too.

I came up with this physical metaphor for the Internet for a picture on TLKFAA, and I just keep adding more and more to it. This is the first example of "uploading" in action.

By the way, where is the Ending Sequence now?
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AshaGoesRARProfessional Filmographer

I don't have the "Ending Sequence" uploaded anywhere online now. I tried the PUTFILE.com place...but hated it. I also tried "Zippy Videos.com" but it was taking over an hour to upload so I just gave up.

You know of any place that I can upload it to? DA doesn't allow WMVs! :-(
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It does, actually. This deviation is a WMV - [link]
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Lol, I love the "Web". *helps restrain*
Yeah, I may not get them yet, but just seeing these comments bugs me, people don't take the time to read! *pounces on them* RAWR! Okay, I'm done. :P
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hehe I can see how that would be frustrating. Vidole and Kigeni look so cute in the first panel though XD. I love the pose you have them in, its sweet x)
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