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Kopa's mane
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Published: August 15, 2005
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Adolescent Kopa's mane is starting to come in...and part of it is black, the same color as his great-uncle Scar's mane. Is this merely a genetic quirk, or is it an omen of things to come?

(Just a scene from a nonexistent story, inspired by my design for adult Kopa, in which he had a two-toned mane (Kopa only appears in The Lion King: Six New Adventures as a cub.)

*I didn't mean to imply that Scar was Kopa's father, by the way.
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No adult pics for Kopa with a two toned mane? Fun fact as lions can actually have two toned manes something I would image many people who dye their hair would be jealous about! XP
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Yeah, I think I drew some inspiration from real lions. I have a few pictures of Kopa as an adult with a two-toned mane, but they're in my TLKFAA gallery (fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Ak…), not here.
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Ah cool, also what is with Ahadi in art? lionking.wikia.com/wiki/Ahadi It's like the book couldn't decide what Ahadi looked like and put many contradictions.. that bumble bee pic in your gal though..XD
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Yeah, that inconsistency has been an infamous one for some time.
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I'm lovin the two-toned mane! XD
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That's dark brown on there. But cool idea anyway!
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Scar's all like "That's my grandnephew".
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
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Interesting. In my version, Kopa is the son of Nala and Malka, however he still turns into Scar and almost killed Kovu.
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TheDreweMasterHobbyist Filmographer
Incredibly interesting! :D
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Kuroshitsujifan873Hobbyist Artist
its a great idea and everything, love he pic btw, but i just think that sometimes everyone is so paranoid about anything that reminds them of the past, especially Scar but you know its my opinion so please no hate, and well you know again love the drawing
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Yeah -- that's more or less the same way I picture the characters reacting in this situation.
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AvatardpegasisterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Great job! This is a fascinating idea ;)
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Nala tell us did you and Scar mate while Simba was gone?!
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shena12345Student Artist
Nothing...they did nothing
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ZapxthehunterStudent Artist
Is it me or does kopa sound like a hippy to me?
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I never thought of it that way, but that line does sound a bit hippy-like, now that you mention it.
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I would look awesome I wouldn't think of it as a omen he can`t help what color it is
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I like the idea of him having a two-toned mane. :)
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cellyangiechowskiStudent General Artist
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The story is well-written, but it doesn't really explain why Kopa's family has started hating him aside from part of his mane being black. I could see Simba and Nala becoming apprehensive or fearful of his mane coming in black, but what would make that fear turn into such heartless hatred? Kopa's personality and behavior (other things which could factor into the way ultimately he ends up being viewed) are never looked into that much -- he seems to be little more than an object than a fully fleshed-out character.

Also, is this story taking place in an alternate continuity? In the "Friends for Life" audio drama, Kopa and Asante meet when they are both very young.

(Sorry for the late reply!)
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cellyangiechowskiStudent General Artist
I get what you're saying -- it was meant to be angst, really painful angst, and the heartless hatred is kind of taken from my own experience. I've watched this process before, and I exaggerated it very little. People are paranoid and superstitious, and, I figure lions would be too. I wrote Kopa that way because he's being ostracized by his own parents. He's thinking the train of thought of a little kid, and most little kids tend to think practically the same way.
It's definitely an alternate continuity, and I'm sorry you didn't like it as much as I hoped. It's okay, though, I'll just take it into account next time I write something dark. It's alright for the late replies, my Internet quit working for awhile, so this reply is probably late, too.
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I understand that your story was just a one-shot, but since you bought it to my attention, I thought I'd give you my 2 cents on it. To be honest, I've never been a fan of the angst "trend", mostly because it's so overused, and usually just gloomy for gloomy's sake, so to speak.

Even with your explanation, the entire story hinges on Simba and Nala being unable to see their son is still the same son they loved when he was younger, even though Kopa hasn't done anything to justify their hatred other than existing. If there were more steps between them going from loving Kopa to hating him, it would make Kopa's plight much more believable (especially if he did more in the story other than cry -- didn't he ever try to stick up for himself, try to act normal to convince others that there was nothing evil about him, or angrily lash out at his parents for their ignorant superstitions?).

For instance, if Kopa had developed a friendship with Asante prior to the time of this story (an idea which I have been trying to expand on in a WIP fanfic of my own), that would have given Simba and Nala more than enough reason to make the transition from mild apprehension to full-blown fear once his mane started coming in.

(Also, why would Kopa be thinking like a little kid if he is supposed to be 19 years old (at least near the end of the story)? :/)
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