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Family Tree by Akril15 Family Tree by Akril15
A family tree depicting most of my cheetah characters. I've anthro'd all of them, and since humanoid animals have to be decently clothed in my book, I created an interesting wardrobe for them:

Xandra was the first to be anthro'd (in this extensive fanfic). I made her clothing green because green was my favorite color. When her brother Jacko (or Jack) made his appearance, I also gave him green garments.

When I started chosing clothing colors for their parents, I suddenly thought: "Hey! Why not have Rinden wear yellow and Sarala wear blue! Yellow + blue = green!" I thought it was an ingenious idea...until I thought about Their parents' colors. What plus what equals yellow? Or blue? Of course, primary colors are just that. Nothing above them, the first hues, end of story.

So I got a little creative, and in the end, I gave Rinden's parents, Khan and Surina, orange and green clothes, respectively. Why? Because one of the two hues that makes up orange is yellow, same story with green. Problem solved.

One last note: Nimesha's sister, Amita, isn't quite violet. Her color is indigo. I wanted her to be a bit of an oddball of the family, and what better color to make her than the one that, even though it's part of the spectrum, is shunned from basic color theory, and if it is included, it's dubbed something like "blue-violet". Yuck.

Also, "Nimesha" is a Hindi name that means "split second." Since Nimmy and her sister are so different, what could be a better name for that sister than a name that means "endless"?

As for the etymology of the other names:
Sarala: I thought I made it up, but it turned out to be a Sanskrit word meaning "straight" (as in the opposite of crooked).
Yamin: Hindi, "night", indicative of the color of his "forelock." Also, both he and his daughter have a solitary spot in the middle of their foreheads. How very Indian...
Khan: No real meaning, although the emperor Kublai Khan kept over 1,000 cheetahs he used for hunting.
Surina: Hindu, meaning "goddess," but her nickname, "Ina" means "mother".
Xandra: Short for "Alexandra", Greek, "defender of mankind."
MistressVixen Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
I love your cheetahs . . . their pretty.
Akril15 Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
Thanks! To answer your question, I have a book of names from all over the world that lists their origins and/or meanings. I also used to look up some of the names (i. e., Amita).
moodyblues Featured By Owner May 24, 2004  Hobbyist
Really nice range of expressions here. It's also nice to see the thought you put into all the names. Where'd you get the Sanskrit and Hindu translations?
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