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Area 50.5

Well, here it is, my first original Flash adventure first adventure game, period. It's very short (more of a "gamette" than a game), has choppy animation in some parts, is overly large, and probably has some bugs that I didn't catch. Still, I hope you enjoy it.

It's the story of a creature created in a secret underground complex that longs to escape to the world above...however, that world is not quite as it seems...

This game is 13 MB, so it will probably take a while to load. Those of you with low bandwidth, beware.

Commenters: Out of courtesy to those who haven't finished the game, please try to not to spoil the ending in your comments. Thanks. UPDATE: For those of you who have finished the game or aren't afraid of extreme spoilers, go here - [link]

Lastly, if you're wondering why the heck this game appeared in your search results, try playing it and your question might be answered.

EDIT 1: Fixed error in intro titles and bug with "claw marks" hotspot.

EDIT 2: Fixed the incredibly not smart mistake with the "Skip to Title Screen" button. It should work now.

EDIT 3: Fixed "Special Features" Button.

EDIT 4: Apparently, DevART won't let me include a link to another webpage in a Flash file, so I removed the "Special Features" button, but added some shortcuts to the outro and credits. Go to the Spoiler Zone for a link to the Special Features page.
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Wonder if you've seen the 1994 animated movie "Felidae"; if not, I really recommend it. It somewhat reminds me of "Area 50.5", since it also has sentient cats who can read books and use computers and laboratory pet experiments, but it is actually a 1990s noir thriller (it features cat erotic scene with jazzy soundtrack, murder investigation, and a mysterious religious sect).