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derpberdProfessional Filmographer

You know, I was sitting here thinking about my animation inspirations, and the thing that I can't stop thinking about is that one time you made the Secretary Bird / Voodoo doll animation. And then I remembered all of your old animation stuff! I loved them so much and tried to watch a bunch today. Flash is so beyond dead at this point, so I was just wondering if you have any of them uploaded somewhere? Hope you're well. :heart:

Thank you very much for the comment!

Unfortunately, all the Flash animations I uploaded here are still in the Flash format. I guess I'll have to convert them to standard video files in order for them to be playable now (thanks for alerting me to this -- I didn't realize that Flash videos now don't work here).

derpberdProfessional Filmographer

Yeah, it's a really sad day. :( So many classics on DA that we'll never get to enjoy again, especially all of the doll makers / games. Sigh.

If you ever get the chance to render em out, please do and update the files! I'd love to watch them again. :heart: tall order, I know, but...ya know. Hahahahaha.

Yep, I've definitely got that chore on my to-do list.

Hey Akril. You're a master of TLK semi-canon & Tanabi fanfiction. Can I ask you a favor?
Well, I wouldn't say I'm a master of either (especially since I've moved away from most things TLK), but what did you want to ask?
I was thinking of maybe using some characters from CotPL and TToT in a fanfiction (Lisani, Kisisian (pretty sure I spelt that wrong), Misha, & Tanabi, mainly). While CotPL is good, from what I've read, it's so long I generally give up on it (both the classic and the 2000 editions). Can you help me with Misha? (I think I'm misspelling that too; CotPL Tanabi's mate) Do she and Tanabi have cubs? And do you know the CotPL family tree? I think you made one once. Sorry if these questions seem stupid.