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I decided to mercy kill my ☠️tumblr☠️ 

In order to keep the social media gods sated I've opened a twitter account -->

That's all. Over and out.
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Followed. I’m so happy you’re in Twitter now. Tumblr is good as dead now.

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followed, score :)
tumblr seems to be dying so it's a good time to jump ship lol
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Also followed you. I hope it'll work out well as a platform for you.

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Thanks a lot! We'll see I guess :XD:
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Followed. I'll try to give you a shout out some time this week. I'd absolutely love to retweet the hell out of this piece if you post it there  Mardroeme - Gwent Card by akreon  
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Oh man you're too kind. Greatly appreciated! :hug:
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Smashes the follow button
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Twitter seems like the way to go anyhow. I signed up a while back myself but have yet to do much with the account. But I will for sure toss a follow and retest your gorgeous work.
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I rarely use my Twitter. Now I have a reason to again. Can't wait to see and retweet your works <3

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Trying to set up to be a successful artist on Tumblr is like jumping into a viper pit and expecting to come out with no bites. Will defo follow on Twitter.
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Smashed that follow button. I just signed up myself a couple weeks ago.
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