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Lewis-T-Evans Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
This is a treat. Scrolling down I couldn't get enough of the journey, until I hit the bottom. Fantastic gallery!
quitra Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is amazing!
szaral Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Zajebiste !
senzirri Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like that, with each new medium or technique you learn, you start out being not-so-spectacular in that particular medium (compared to your amazing work in media that you already knew how to use), but then you keep going and soon enough, your work is spectacular again. It just shows to me that an artist who is amazing with a particular technique might not be amazing with every technique. It's the artists who keep going and keep learning and practicing that truly make it to the next level and succeed in their endeavors.

You are an inspiration to me.
Antsstyle Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Amazing gallery! :D
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