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werewolves on the prowl

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I may be on the vampires' side of the war but these werewolves are badass. I love how feral they look. Just as I would imagine a werewolf to be. I love the green eyes and coat pattern of the one on the right and the snarl of the one on the left.
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The title should be in my opinion: I smell noms!
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Great werewolves.
To me there are 2 kinds of werewolves: wolf like and human like
This is a nice blending of the two.
I don't like werewolves that are too human like (ie Lupin from Harry Potter). I do like werewolves that just look like wolves (ie the werewolves from Twilight)
To me there's two kinds of werewolves; mutants and mythical.
This picture somehow perfectly illustrates my idea of what a mythical werewolf should look like(the mutant ones would be the Lycans from the Underworld franchise).
Bottom line is, this piece is awesome. Well done.
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Now Those are werewolves! Wonderful work ^_^
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Loving the look of your werewolves. :)
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Wow. Now thaht's how werewolves are supposed to look
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This is beyond amazing and it just blows me away. It really looks like you put a lot of thought into the anatomy and I like how you kept a more natural digitigrade look.
Thank God I am as far away from woods as it gets!
***crosses herself****
Lol...awesome piece!
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Amazing piece. I love the rawness and natural appearance of this image and lack of those overly used werewolf clichés :)
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awesome! i like the one on the right the most :) the background is cool too
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This is awesome... o.o
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This is really epic! I love the details you have put into the rocks and the fur, and the background is very lovely too. :heart:
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bardzo fajne ! :)
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You have done a great job on this piece of art. (^_^) 
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