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response comic: Oi internet, sup?

Something that I had to get out of my system.

A response to *TomPreston's latest comic strip "Welcome to the Internet" [link]

I don't want to offend or scorn the guy, I just want express a slightly different point of view.

I was kinda baffled by Tom's latest comic. How can you force an opinion onto someone over the web? You don't like one crowd of people, fine you are just two clicks away from another community centred around totally different set of ideas. There is no real pressure when you can solve all your problems just by hitting "x"

For me his comic applies much more to the real world where sometimes you just have to shut your pie hole and conform to what the majority wants. In real life you have to resolve conflicts which sometimes can only be achieved by letting certain issues go, but on the internet? What they gonna do if you don't change your mind? Write an angry comment calling you a doo-doo head in all caps? Well boo fucking hoo.

I'll scrap this shit later.
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sometimes it ain't easy to find the place where you belong. sometimes you go from site to site receiving nothing but hate, and it becomes tiresome. sometimes you feel like the only choice you have is to disregard your own beliefs, or just wall yourself off from society completely... i WISH it was as easy as this looks. but i really don't think reality's as evenly balanced as this... and as social creatures, the need for acceptance often outweighs the desire to remain true to oneself.

i'm going through a thing right now where my opinion on a matter is different from everyone around me, and it's very disheartening. any time i try to find a place to safely express this opinion, all i find is more hate. interestingly, i had a conversation with some of my closest, oldest friends about it, and they actually agreed with me on the issue. but, they act as if they didn't, and say that they don't to everyone else, for fear of being villainized as i have been. so as far as i can tell, there IS no convenient place for me to talk about this, because like in tom preston's comic, everyone who agrees quickly converts to the other side when they realize they are outnumbered.
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this makes so much sense. its sad that this is probably how it really is.
Keznen's avatar
I never conform on the web or irl. I refuse. (:<
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Hey there, not sure if its important, but my anti virus program just flagged the link to Tompreston's comic as a known infected site.

Secondly, this comic provides a lesson it took me a very long time to learn and which I wish I had been smart enough to learn sooner.
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I never did fave this Masterpiece. Still better late than never, and it is as good as ever. :D
I'm just getting to a point in my life where I need to get a life but don't know how. I only want entertainment and information from the internet, I was 11 when I first went on a message board and I was just too young to handle the kind of abuse you get. And for the last couple of years, opinions that aren't my own have really got to me. I'm not sure if I've got a form of OCD where you worry that you'll start agreeing with people you don't agree with. 
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Well, Tom isn't a very...reasonable person to begin with.
quantumdancer's avatar
Yes, people forget the fact that they HAVE A CHOICE.
Katrina20Lin10's avatar
I've searched everywhere for this!
EdgedWeapon's avatar
True, If I'm pro something, I'm not going to go to the anti forum and hand out ideas.
AngelTigress03's avatar
Why did I neglect to put this in my faves... fixed now.

moogyAKA's avatar
You're right, I thought about that several times, but answering myself saying "no, we can do better, there's no use in hate" but realized finally we can't change THAT. People like being flattered, not criticized, like the fox with the raven. ^^ Thanks for your comic, I'm not the only one.
FrozenSoulPony's avatar
I didn't like that other guys comic much either. It only shows that he needs to grow a thicker skin!
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Me: Hmm this is really good but I don't fully understand it
*clicks comic it was based on*
*comic no longer there*
Me: :iconfuuuuuplz:
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After a little time thinking about Preston's comic and yours, I've made my mind.
As you said, Preston's comic applied more on real life. Yours is more revelant of the Internet.

By the way, your art in general is great.
tou-chan's avatar
hey did you know that your TomPreston's and your comic strip was posted in XD
here is the link [link]
Goodlyman100's avatar
love this. This is debating on the internet to a tee.
fenkata114's avatar
Totaly respect you because when I tried to express my "slightly different point of view" ,that guy went crazy. Love your work!
PrinceOfFire's avatar
Kind of my thoughts on freedom of speech. Everyone likes it but hates it when someone exercises that right...because chances are their opinion is going to be different.
aurora-celest's avatar
Is the middle finger the hand gesture Polish people use to insult others?
Mickey-the-Luxray's avatar
The gesture originated from the French, actually. Way back in the middle ages, French archers would stick up their middle fingers to the English troops to show that they still had them, and it became an almost universal way to mock someone afterwards.

At least, that's what I heard, I could be wrong.
sw-e's avatar
wait... are you trolling?
aurora-celest's avatar
No, I'm asking a serious question. Is the middle finger the silent way Poles say "Fuck you!" to people they don't like?
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