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its a small pack....
ellehcore's avatar
lol if you were a boy i would have to reply with "you've got a small pack(age)" lol
TheHappy3's avatar
Isn't the Midgardsorm supposed to be Midgårdsormen ..? Or am I just commenting something I have no idea about? ^^'
Saltu-the-Wolf's avatar
you have little bit of the Norse gods in your series
Glorynezz's avatar
I love how each pair of eyes match each wolfs personality :love:
Tiberiius's avatar
Who's the white wolf with the brown muzzle? :]
soulfulSIGHT's avatar
that is just AMAZING!!!! SOOO pretty I LOVE Those mountains and the colours
PotatoLynx's avatar
I love your comic, but I wonder why you call it Midgarsorm... I'm from Norway and it translates into something like "The Serpent/snake Of Midgar". Midgar (the home of the humans) would be the name I'd use, and Midgardsorm is the name of the snake/dragon surrounding the earth. Just thought I'd be helpful :meow:
Cloverdeer's avatar
whats with their faces? i know they should look like they in awe an' all, but you made them look like they're worried...~ sorry! >X<*
Gadget-Wolf's avatar
ha, Jera never stops glaring, does she?

Your awesome at doing backrounds by the way, I'm new at that
CinderFox73095's avatar
I like how all their eyes are subtly unique.
gnuttormen's avatar
Midgård <3

Love this series so much <3 :3
Heliina11's avatar
you have to fix the style of raigho, because you changed it ;D
KrazyKia's avatar
wow! it looks really kool! you did a good job!
BlackEmoWolf's avatar
let me say, very beautiful picture....but i was thinking, if you dont mind, i could offer a suggestion?

Instead of making the solid boxes around the eyes of your wolves, maybe you can blend them into the background?

Either way, please dont take it personal, i adore your picture, i just thought i could offer a suggestion.

mermaid-in-disguise's avatar
I'm reading through this comic for the first time, and this is my favorite page so far. You can see each character in just their eyes, and seeing that next to the beautiful landscape painting is wonderful! I'm really enjoying reading so far. <3
pokemongirl101's avatar
wow you really made this is very pretty :-)
Spifmo's avatar
Wow. I just saw this page on someones favorite list, and i went back and read some pages. You artists (The ones involved in creating this) are absolutely amazing. (=
midnightstorm45044's avatar
love how the black wolf's eyes have a frustrated look about themXD
volchyonok's avatar
:wow: the background is... *speechless* ... beyond awesome! you guys are so good!!!
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