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Don't get me wrong, I don't hate deviantArt. If that was the case I would be long gone. I enjoy art which is uploaded on deviantart everyday and it's friendly community.
What irks me is the way this website is managed. For every thing that is being improved two are being terribly fucked up.

Just read one of the most recent dA articles, if you haven't already about 1000 search limit. --> [link] <--

Cool eh? For millions of art uploaded to dA under every given tag you can now view only 1000. What with the less popular deviants? How can we find their work if they don't manage to get to the first 1k? And good luck with finding a print or a stock image.

PART I: you are here
PART II: [link]
PART III: [link]
PART IV: [link]
PART V: [link]
PART VI: [link]
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Poor Fella
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Lindblut|Professional Digital Artist
Lol man it's been so long since you made this artistic comment on everything wrong with deviantART. 8 Years. What has really changed since then?

Guess they fixed the search thing, at least it displays 1000 pictures now. Oh yeah, and recently they added jpg compression to their website. Great. Just what we "needed" :I on an art website.
Meanwhile art theft is still rampant. Man. I'm glad I never gave money to this hellsite, I swear.

Anyway, 8 years later th expressions are still amazing and the comic is a joy to read.
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Pointless though some of these features may seem, they make the site a lot of money. Points are convenient for buying stuff in small increments. You don't have to make a separate credit card or Paypal transaction each time you buy something that only costs one or two dollars. Badges may seem pointless to a lot of users but some users are willing to spend a lot of money on them. I have seen users spend hundreds of dollars buying their way to 100,000 llamas. That might seem silly to most of you, but these people financially supported DeviantArt, and I like what they did. I did not care about badges or points for most of my time on this site (I had another account before this one that was active for more than five years before I decided to close it down. I did not plan on coming back, but I decided to be more careful about what I do on this account.). However, I have developed a fondness for them now, and I have gained a lot more watchers than I ever had on my old account, thanks in part to all the llamas I am now giving out. And no, I did not give you one; you are clear that you do not want them and that is fine.
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official-maria-art|Hobbyist General Artist
wow I liked this a lot, its not only true but also funny and you illustrated it very well :) great work 
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Iissq|Hobbyist Digital Artist
7 years later - still relevant
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alleycatwoman127|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've definitely had the most of problems with them too. I can't believe that a site, that was well- respected in the past, is now a joke and a mockery.
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GemstrikeEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Pixiv for the win.
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More like deviantart likes stupid ads for some anime shit...
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MidnightDragon2121|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
true... but deviant art seems like the best art website i have seen
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Out of all those sites, DA is the only site that has the art I'm looking for.
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Preach brother!
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i do agree with the part referring to reports going un checked {sadly i and many have lodged and seen no actions}
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canttel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
where my dungeon niggas at
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Sooo! True So true!
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Dragonfire211|Hobbyist General Artist
yass i agree
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MikeCone69| General Artist
If Deviantart is the "scum of the art world," then what is "better"?

I like this site, but if I become professional, then I'm going to seldom use DA, as it's a cash-grab that doesn't allow lewd stuff EVEN UNDER A STRICT 18+ FILTER. I'm going to use it until I become decent and I will always use it to view art, but I'm using it as an artist only for a while.
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TaintedTruffle|Hobbyist General Artist
I have to point out as someone whos only means of drawing on the computer is paint Muro is SO helpful in adding shading /transparency ect. If they ever get rid of it I will cry
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NorthwestPurity|Hobbyist General Artist
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TaintedTruffle's avatar
TaintedTruffle|Hobbyist General Artist
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Eric-ERG|Hobbyist Filmographer
The Muro is by far the SHITTIEST drawing tool I've EVER used
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rayedragon's avatar
So true. But I still like deviantart. You did a great job, but I'm really surprised you got a DD, no offense. As in, I'm surprised deviantart gave a rant about themselves a DD.
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killerprod1|Hobbyist Digital Artist
good comic
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mrm64|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Still relevant. :m
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DracoGuerrero|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Friendly community? Pal, you have yet
to dwell in the back alleys of deviantartland
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