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big cats

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The bottom right tiger looks like me whenever a relative says something sexist at Thanksgiving and no one is allowed to comment on it.

I love the expression of the Jaguar when he sees a Spider. So much for the scary big cat theory.

i love these expressions
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Love this a lot!!
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Omg the expressions are just AWESOME! As someone who struggles with it this is excellent stuff, really really fantastic.
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The expression and personalities of these are great! :D
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Wow, their expressions are awesome! You never stop to amaze me :)
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Great facial expressions. :la:
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omg great emotions! especially the spider one lol
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Their expressions are on pOINT
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Amazing expressions!
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tiger: when someone asks you to smile when you dont normally so you do XD -- I love these so much
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I like potatoes. :love:

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