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angel anatomy

well, they say that everyone has a guardian angel... If so mine looks just like that....XD
sorry for those HUGE signatures...unfortunately they are necessary :(
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thats terrifying
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I didn't know they were related to sangheili.
JediSwordZAM's avatar
What an ironically devilish smile XD
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OmnomnomTee's avatar
Very "good" looking angels :)
I mean, they look very scary but at the same time i like this style and those those details :)
Just Lovely...
Scary picture 0_o
*ahem* f-ing magnificent.
omg these are so incredibly creepy! I would hate to get on their bad side, the eyes seem to follow you, well done
Nekonya96's avatar
This is so creepy and so well done. Bravo! I wish I knew someone in real life that could produce something this amazing.
EmilyRevert's avatar
Scary but realy cool.
MoonLight-Philosophy's avatar
i love the face!! XDDDD freaking scary badass
Alternate-Deviant's avatar
This is scary as fuck!
I love it.
Leriona's avatar
omfg! The eyes are unbeliveable!!
great work!!!!!!
tristalight911's avatar
hey if you like to draw by hand you should join my club [link]
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:iconomgsocuteplz: Awww, he's adorable! Definitely would frighten off your enemies, he looks like he'd eat their faces off.
MorikoW's avatar
Hahaha and that's adorable? XD
DragonessGrace's avatar
A awesome sketch but thinking of something like that following me everywhere creeps me out (the face :P)

still, awesome work :D
KippoTec's avatar
Why have I not watched you yet?
CrappyMoose's avatar
THAT FACE!! D: It's so scary.. I'd be terrified if my guardian angel looked like that..
FiglioDeLeOmbre's avatar
I see you've been inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci. great artist.
btw your work is amazing!!!
EXHellfire's avatar
I've always tried to think of angels as beings of light, but this is truly another interesting way of looking at them
christiportree's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous!
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