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Marketing piece done for "Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance"

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ยฉ 2021 akreon
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Yeeeahhh!!! Amazing

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Gorgeous detailing on the hammer and armor!

Love the piece. The only problem - and this is the game's fault - is the portrayal of his hammer, Aegis-Fang. In Salvatore's written works, Wulfgar is able to wield the warhammer single-handedly, smiting his enemies and launching it at distant foes with considerable ease - much like Mjolnir from Marvel Comics. In fact, the covers of the original works depict the hammer as a weapon that can be wielded with one hand, showing Wulfgar facing enemies featured in those narratives - the white dragon in Crystal Shard, the flesh golem in Streams Of Silver, and bandits in Halfling's Gem - with Aegis-Fang in one hand. It's only in recent depictions - specifically the newly released DnD game - of Wulfgar and the Companions that Aegis-Fang is shown to be a two-handed weapon, and I think this largely stems from the people's conception of the weapon based on it being identified as a warhammer without actually having ever read the books in which Wulfgar and Aegis-Fang can be found. Anyway, I just really needed to get that off my chest; however, I still think the piece is quite good and love the amount of detail given to the various parts and equipment, such as the head of the warhammer which is beautifully done.

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Great render!

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He looks super awesome!!!

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