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Vildkaarl - Gwent Card

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Some of these @ CD PROJECT S.A. and some don't, and I'm curious about the legalities of that? Like, are you not allowed to @ them if/until the art is officially made into a card? Or is it that some are commissioned by them, and some are your own sort of "fan" cards... or something. The artistic side of the gaming industry always interested me and I'm curious~ :>

ALSO, amazing work. Seriously, I love everything about this card, and it makes me really want to find out the story about what's happening and why. Was he a traitor to the pack? Is he a werewolf and considered an enemy? So many possibilities!

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To be honest the only reason some of them lack the @ CD PROJECT S.A is because I forgot to copy+paste it haha :XD:
All Gwent cards in my gallery were created while I worked at CDPR, all of them are or at some point were in the game :)

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OOOoh! Ok! LMAO I was wondering. xD Well that simplifies it, then! xD

Now, is this the Mobile Gwent game, or is this all art for Gwent within the Witcher III?

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Few pieces were for the Gwent in the Witcher3 but like 90% were done specifically for the standalone Gwent :D
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That's really cool! Tbh I wouldn't mind trying it out just to see how your art was put to use. :>

Me when I trust family.
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Hah "Vild karl" means " Wild Guy" in Swedish XD
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That looks like it really friggen hurts.

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This is awesome
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Damn amazing fanart right here.
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I hate it when bears do that to me - it's so annoying.
Fantastic work - the whole physical power is shown impressively.
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Happens every time! 
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Is that card called "Bears with me"?
I can almost feel his pain and fear. Well drawn.
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Um, sir. You may or may not realize this, but---there's a bear biting you. :D
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Make that 3 bears.
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Dear god, that's beautiful.. :oops:

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