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Van Richtens Guide to Ravenloft

Cover art I had the pleasure to paint for Dungeons & Dragons' "Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft" by Wizards of the Coast.

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Awesome scope, very epic. Love it.

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I didn't know you had painted it!!!! That's awesome!! :D Love the poses and the energy! Everything looking spooky and awesome!

UabetAntu's avatar

Ravenloft remains my favorite D&D campaign setting. Glad to see it still gets some love from WotC.

TrapperQ's avatar

Ooh, Castle Ravenloft. Wait! has Strahd had some building work done? There seems to be more towers. Well that's just great, more spiral staircases to shuffle up in single file on while fighting with your off-hand.

(Awesome artwork).

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The pose of the vampire is amazing.

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It would be a fantastic poster for a heavy metal film about vampires and werewolves. Thumbs up Poses are a lit and fierce! I also love how you illustrated a castle. It's astonishing.

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"I don't want any girl scout cookies! Be gone!"

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I got pdfs of all of Van Richten's Guidebooks from 2nd and 3rd edition. They did a particularly good job on the Created (aka Frankenstein, golems and other artificial monsters)

EpsilonContinuity's avatar

This looks incredible! Congrats on getting your art on the book, I can't wait to get a physical copy for myself. :D

bonbon3272's avatar

I love the angle of this piece, color and mood. Very nicely done!

is it really always raining in Ravenloft?

awesome picture!!!

Adventurer #1: He's really putting out all the stops isn't he?

Adventurer #2: Really uping the ascetic!

Strahd: Oooh Crows, oooh!

Well drawn mate.

ShatteredSkys0Art's avatar
Is off-white gonna come back?
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Very good work :D

TheVindictiveWolf's avatar
Looks fantastic, congrats on the cover art position. My buddies and I may have to run this setting.

You've come a long way since I first started following you when you were doing comics.
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Congrats - I'm impressed!

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Looks very beautiful and awesome!!:clap:

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Fantastic work! I like the crow theme, nice job

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