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Unicorn Fight

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MOONWATCHER404's avatar

This seems pretty scientifically plausible, like a mix of mustang stallions/zebra stallions fighting and stags or other horned animals fighting.

xXxEverAfterxXx's avatar

OOoooOOo~ Girl fight :DDDDD

mangodadoggo's avatar

Wow amazing,talent,art. Great job!

Amaryn-Philomena's avatar

I love the sense of action!

goosetooth's avatar
how did you get so good at anatomy
kaseylsnow's avatar
Gorgeous sketchy feel to this.
PatternSeeker86's avatar
Love the contrast in lighting to center on the struggle! well done
ItsSharkbait's avatar
I just realised that unicorns must have been pretty vicious over territory or heard fighting , amazing artwork!
Fire-Link's avatar
Great work. How's things going?
shadeykris's avatar
gorgeous. love the weight.
MoonbeamDragon1's avatar
I like to think they're fighting on the moon.
meganhulan's avatar
Stunning, dramatic, awesome
GabrielWatercolors's avatar
Superb! I don't know why but it remembers me of my childhood...
Dk-Raven's avatar
Piękne, wydaje się, że parę kresek, ale wrażenie ogromne! Podziwiam :)
daveerwin's avatar
Beautiful and unusual action illustration. Wonder what they are fighting over.
Drakkiie's avatar
Territory dispute? Potential mate? Just because? The world may never know.
TacTheScribbler's avatar
Good golly, that is amazing! I've heard that horses, along with humans, can be the most challenging subjects to draw. You've certainly conveyed your countless hours of practice through this piece. The flow of motion, the point of view we have of not one, but two animals....

This is beautiful!
Turtle-Arts's avatar
This is so nice! I love how much of it is just left with the background fill color. Gives it a really unique feel!
toxoplasma-gondii's avatar
ohhh, i love this style and the texture Love 
kenyastarflight's avatar
Beautifully done!  Also like that these unicorns pack some muscle -- too often I see unicorn pics that are overly dainty or cutesy, and this is a nice change of pace.
XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
i wonder how their fighting works? cuz it sounds to me like they're gonna stab each other at the same time XD
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