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Ranar - one more box art I've painted for MTG Kaldheim Commander set.
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Excellent shading!

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The art strikes a nerve. Sent goosebumps up my spine, amazing !
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I bought this deck! :)

Ghost Vikings (I know he's not really a Viking, but Kaldheim is based on Norse Mythology) for the win!

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Loves the detail on the axe.
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Sadly, this is one of a very few good designs for the set, true to the Norse history and mythology. I do find the new set extremely disappointed. Other than that, Great Job, man.

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Viking from Shadow Isles. love it

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Très réussi. ^^

love the details!!!

wonderful picture!!!!

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Absolutely amazing!

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This is stunning! Wow.

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looks very awesome!!!;)

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That is impressive.

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