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Daily Deviation
Daily Deviation
December 31, 2009
I wanted to end 2009 with one of the most suggested comics in my short history as GM, Raiders of the Lost Critique by *akreon I think it reflects what most of the community feels about critiques.
Suggested by quite a few deviants since the day it was submited
Featured by Thiefoworld
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Raiders of the Lost Critique


Thanks to :icontanathe: for editing and adding the speach bubbles with dialogues!

The map of the internet borrowed from the XKCD webcomic: [link]

DD, srsly? For this shit? hmm ok I guess you guys know better...
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Username-91's avatar

Many people on the Internet should see this, especially shitty die-hard fans of BTS and Sucks (Skid) Row. Dare to say something about them or the fandom, and they will gouge your eyeballs inside out. People need to learn to accept the critique without being prone to tantrums.

Morgutts's avatar

Saw this by coincidence and I'm bored enough to reply lol. First of all people don't really appreciate it when you give unasked criticism, it's invasive and rude. Secondly if your critique is based on your own opinion and/or a non constructive one, expect people to not react nicely. And last but not least, this particular post is about a person asking for an opinion (consent is key) about something they have made, the artist giving a feedback and said person not taking well constructive criticism, not exactly about something they enjoy since all art is subjective because it relies upon personal opinions and feelings rather than on agreed facts.

What you're talking about is forcing someone down their throats your negative opinions on their personal taste and expecting them to suck it up, sorry to burst your bubble but not gonna happen. And yeah, I'm a BTS fan but I couldn't care less about anyone's opinion about them, not gonna gouge anyone's eyeballs for having a different opinion, also they're not hurting you or anyone, so why bother in the first place? Idk let people enjoy things in peace maybe? :)

Username-91's avatar

It is not invasive and rude when someone points out the mistakes you make non-stop and refuses to learn from them. The same goes for art. If you want to go that route, then be prepared for the many criticisms that will be written to you, either positive or negative. When someone makes the same mistakes while drawing and refuses to accept criticism, it proves that he is immature and does not want to learn proper anatomy, and his dream is to work for a film company one day. I'm afraid that's not how it goes. My point is that whatever criticism or opinion you write, whether it is harmless or based on opinion, someone will always be hysterical because you wrote something that they did not like. That is called censorship when you pitch a fit and tell them not to criticize your favourites. That is what most of the idiots do. Here is a little tutorial on how to give and accept critique and how not to be a giant vagina about it.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Critique

If you are missing the point of an author, it's giving their opinion on what critique should be like in comparison to a bad one or those who take advice inadequately. I can see how this formed. Seeing how many people on DeviantArt and the Internet lack a backbone or thinking, critiques are here to denigrate anyone who doesn't reach expectations. You don't know what you are doing if you think so.

drachenmagier's avatar

I keep coming back to this comic, either to read it again for myself or to link it to others, who make the same experience again and again and again~. <3

Zcat91819's avatar
That bunny belongs in watership down
What's with the ones?
Vertecks's avatar
You might not think it's your visually best but this makes a very valid point!
FrenchDeathDesign's avatar
"my space"country being bigged than facebook , this one must realy be old :D
Mercedesstar's avatar
This made me laugh so hard XD
LenerdTheFox's avatar
Congrats on the Daily Deviation. It is a very valid moral.
914four's avatar
Random-Derp's avatar
Good to know that I am not the only one that laughs when sees "Don't critique my art" text? :D
NightshadeTheRanger's avatar
YES! SO much YES! People need to learn to grow up and accept the damn criticism!
Spottedheart140's avatar
*claps furiously*
i love this! i love this a lot!
Krysiis's avatar
Ahh I wish I got more critiques. I have no idea how to fix my art sometimes.
AllSeeingPortrait's avatar
KatrueYumeNikki's avatar
but the wolf is cuteee
DoctorSiggy's avatar
When i was younger I took a lot of critiques hard- until I actually learned what it meant to be critiqued.

Now i accept them openly and willingly! :D 
adavesseth's avatar
Haha! Brilliant! :D
doenisaur's avatar
I'm laughing so hard! :"D
Brilliant :D
zaranix's avatar
This is hilariously brilliant! Every artist needs to have a thick enough skin to hear the truth about their work... good or bad. :3
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