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Queen of Pain Arcana


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Recently I had the pleasure to illustrate Queen of Pain Arcana for DOTA 2's battle pass release. This one was a blast to paint!
Art Director: Boyang Zhu
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She looks like the queen of pain. lol. Nice work.

Hi there, is it possible I can use this artwork as a fanmade card in Steam Workshop? I will make sure to credit you fully for the artwork, and its a noncommercial and noncanonical entry.

(I am aware that Valve made this character, and I have cleared it with them to make Dota2 fan cards, as long as it's noncommercial)

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Fantastic piece of art

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Great use of silvery blues over the dark purples and black makes all the red and orange really pop. Love the smoke effects too - enough that the audience gets the taste of "fire and brimstone" without taking away from the central character. Great stuff. :heart:

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Incredible work and technique. Really impressive work.

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Keep up the awesome work!

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Absolutely stunning

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That looks really cool!!!

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I made a photoshopped version with credit to you, if you'd like i can take it down

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She looks damn good! great job!

awesome art mate!!! love it

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angry and sexy, that's my favourite <3

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Wow, this is incredible!! *0*

She is fierce and bad ass

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This is pretty epic. I like her wings especially.

Wow! The texture on her horns... the detail on her wings! Wow! Kudos.

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This is great!

It really shows your passion for art!!!

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