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Third booster pack illustration for the latest Magic: the Gathering expansion Strixhaven.
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Ooh. I always love seeing sexy, rich women :)

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It's the glasses that really sold me.

This piece is just chefs kiss mwah ❤️

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Wow!!! Love the pose and the lighting!

I Love It. It is great keep it up.

saralexxia's avatar
What's she doing exactly? Reminds me of Symmetra from Overwatch.
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I adore this character design

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woaw !!!!! ❤️

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This is stunning. It kind if reminds me of Ris from chilling tails of sabrina

she's clearly already figured out how to counter your next attack...

awesome picture!!!!

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Ah, I almost thought this was a photo manipulation! Honestly I’m still wondering if it could be, insanely realistic 😂

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Aw she likes she looks adorable! And awesome!

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Wow awesome

LadyOlg669's avatar

Amazing art :o this wonderfull !

IsyldArt's avatar

Enchanting and gorgeous artwork. Love the lighting and spell effects 🥰

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