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Cover of Planegea by Atlas Games.
I can only wish for more of my client work to include something as awesome as zombie dinosaurs💚🦖

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I like the whole rhino especially! Great work!

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Amazing job. It's rare to see someone drawing dinosaurs. Usually, artists avoid them due to the complexity of their anatomy. This was a big challenge for you.

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Really cool man:)

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Dinosaurs are the perfect killing machines, as powerful as the mighty grizzly bear, and more cunning than a thousand supercomputers.

amazing picture!!

Whoa... Well drawn.

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I know the word epic is overused but this artwork deserves it. You really captured so much speed and power here as the heavens stays calm and watches, plus great artwork in general. Really cool stuff.

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the rexes look like they are infected with the plague of madness from primal

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Super excellent! I can see why they reached out to you for it, this does seem very up your alley :D

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Awesome as always ! I wanted to ask, do you have a patreon, or something like that ? I would love to give you a little something, and see how you manage to incorporate realistic texture and still end up with an illustration where everything merge so well !

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Dammm looks super awesome!!

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Looks awesome! What software do you use to paint?

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Thanks! Photoshop :)

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