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Olgierd - Gwent Card

By akreon
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I can hear his theme song just by looking at this picture :heart:
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my favourite of your cards so far. So powerful!
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if couple of those arrows and spears had gone in a "bit" lower he wouldn't be grinning half as much
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Now there's somebody I'm pretty sure is having a bad day!  :no:

Just saying........  :slow:
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need more inventory space? don't want to leave your prized weapons behind? fear not just stick them in your chest! 
you'll never need anymore item space again.... :evillaugh 
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Hey Akreon, how long do these Gwent Card paintings take?
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Cudny jak sen... Koszmarny sen, a jednak kuszący.
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It's merely a fleshwound
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Gods that's get really annoying in a fight, just be stabbed, and instead of taking the weapon They leave it in you, weighing you down, thus slowing you down, not to mention the shaft of the weapon is In your Way....Even if it wasn't killing me I'd be so annoyed.

"Oh come on! At least have the decency of taking your damn sword with you! I'll even let you twist it on the way out! Don't just LEAVE it there! Now I have to fight like this?! What the hell! .....Yeh rude bastards....."

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This is the end.
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The stitching details on the surcoat are exceptional! Amazing job!

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That's some hardcore acupuncture.

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When they're trying to murder you, but little do they know, you're already dead inside.
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That looks a bit sore lmao. Anyway, your attention to detail and the sheer amount of realism in every piece you make never ceases to amaze me!
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I wish I could use lights as well as you do :) 
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Oh? You're approaching me?
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Easily my favorite character

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well he's tough!
great picture!!
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Olgierd: >smug<
O'dimm: Look Olgierd, a moonsurface!
Olgierd: >shrieks like a little girl<
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