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Mire in Misery

Done for Magic the Gathering's Commander 2019 Set
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this looks like it was inspired by ferrofluid

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This is what its like wen You barrow to much on a credit card.

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These are top tier expressions and the texture is superb
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Venom wants a snack. 
Exeidur's avatar
Whoaaa, this looks so awesome! Love the lighting on all of the slime, and it's so creepy D:
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sealbatross's avatar
sharp and gooey at the same time
GoggleCannon's avatar
This is amazing!
davidducker's avatar
How do you fight and ooze? Why would you want to? lol lovely piece Akreon 
Etherinea's avatar

Astonishing. Every part of this is perfect.

VladOSDGL's avatar
its looks like MTG card! :O oh w8... :D
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bendy and his friends are at it again
Bendy You Little Sh!t - Bendy Icon 
PepiCzech's avatar
Absolutly amazing and awesome.
emperor-smash's avatar
Woah absolutely amazing
Rick-4F's avatar
The End.

Splendid work! :D (Big Grin) 
JohnnyCurcio's avatar
That is an awesome and harrowing event. :) 
The detailing and implied narrative is really inspiring, I really appreciate the context you put in with all the tiny nuances. 
i think they're dead...
awesome picture!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
When shadows attack...........
esemese's avatar
when you really have to get up for work, but your heart says nooo just 5 more minutes
VArtistry's avatar
Excellent! greetings from austria :D
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