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Meve - Ornamental Sword

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Oop! Will take a few squelches and creaks to get that point out.


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This expression is just outstanding!

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Everything here is fine, but the fountain of blood, IMHO, is too bright, out of the general harmony.

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This is great but... I'm very curious if is it actually possible to pierce through human skull with a pointy weapon? I'm very curious about this about but I doubt if I'll ever find it. In case anyone knows, I'll be glad if you tell me here even up to 5 years after the date of this comment!
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Yes :)

I went to culinary school, and though we didn't chop up any humans, we did hack through animal skulls which I'd guess tend to be thicker in density than human skulls.
I'm sure a sword with more weight on it would be able to cleave into a human skull pretty easily if the wielder knew what they were doing. Pretty gruesome. 
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It is relatively easy (for a fit person) to pierce a skull with a proper weapon, or cleave it clean with proper edge alignment. But the sword here seems to long for the motion the girl is applying, she would need an arm twice as long to achieve this performance. As for the table, piercing wood with a sword, be it really sharp and pointy, is impossible because of the wood grain's density, given the material is massive wood and not cheap plywood. 
The illustration is totally awesome nonetheless! :D
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Exactly. Also, pierced gap in table isn't in line with blade direction.No, I disagree! 
Pineapple-Grenade's avatar
Ah true! Balance is important for weapons.
Cool insight, thanks!
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Wow. Now I need a video game where I can pierce through human skull and table/door with a sword.
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The tigress entered the room reeking of sex and murder.  I guess this fellow bet that he would experience one but not the other. 
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He just needs to walk it off.
Pineapple-Grenade's avatar
Maybe rub some dirt in it.
Impressive, not my favorite spot for a F/M stabbing but still impressive.
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Some superhuman strenght right there.
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And a blade that hold up to said strength.  
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Ouch... No bandaid gonna fix that :P
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Boxer fella (Sports) 
OUCH ! ! !
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