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Kenku chick

Our DnD campaign needed a baby kenku so I drew a baby kenku. Have I spent more time on it than I should have? Yes, yes I did.
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This is adorable :D

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Don't know what it is, but it's adorable and I love it

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Awesome detailing no words to say....🙏😲
TurboChemist's avatar

Absolutely incredible! It honestly looks like a photo!

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They all left me behind :crying:

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Wow, it is amazing how realistic it is!! Might I ask how long did it take to finish?

bonbon3272's avatar

That's adorable looking. Might bite a finger off, but it's so darn cute!

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My husband loves the Kenku. If I recall correctly, they're the avian race that can perfectly mimic other sounds they hear to lure in their targets and ambush them effectively, though they cannot speak much outside of that tactic, if at all.

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is he sad?? why???? i need answers, sleep can wait
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What an adorable creature. cute Superb drawing!

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So adorable. But so sad.

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oh my god.. that is so adorable.

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They have just been told by their parent that no, they never will fly. :(


does it meep? it looks like it should meep!!

again, adorable picture!!!!

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Cute expressions!

Caffinated-Pinecone's avatar


I never actually thought about them as children haha

this is incredible and I love it

thank you for this

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The amount of realism is incredible!

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Aw, this is adorable!

SmallCurryLeaf's avatar

he needs a hug ...:heart: revamp

Fuego-fantasmal3's avatar

Aww, looks so adorable; amazing work. <3

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