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Box art illustration for MtG's Kaldheim set.
AD: Mari Hall
©Wizards of the Coast

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© 2020 - 2021 akreon
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Love this illustration ^^ she looks so badass!

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Great artwork !

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Is this for sale

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Awesome character design and weapons! She looks like an incredibly capable warrior. I love the armor details, especially the fur trim and shoulder armor etching. Her expression is fantastic!

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Looking awesome!!

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She chilled as she Slaughter her enemies and gutting them!

Jokes aside, Wonderful art!!

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When I'd read that Wizards of the Coast were going to have characters created to appeal with the whole push for ethnically "diverse" imagery, I won't lie, despite seeing what diversity initiatives had wrought to many businesses already, I'd held a small hope. Namely, that they would build new fantasy characters based on history, traditional folklore, and mythology derived from other parts of the world. Expand on their world with new characters, cultures, and peoples.

On one hand, it's disappointing to see this clearly will not be the case, as it's just more non-white characters getting hoe horned into franchises that no colored person griped about not being represented in. On the otherhand, it doesn't diminish my thoughts that you do awesome renderings and that I hope you keep at it.

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Those colours When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon). Nice work!


astounding picture!!!

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I was gonna say, "This is MtG art quality!" :D Looks amazing as always, the details in the fur around her waist and the armor on the model's shoulders is particularly wonderful :D

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Spectacular work! Love the detailing!

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Your art is always stunning :love: amazing!

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This is beautiful ♥o♥

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