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Kambi - Gwent card

© 2016 CD PROJEKT S.A. 
Kambi - Gwent card by akreon Hemdall - Gwent card by akreon Ragh Nar Roog - Gwent Card by akreon
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© 2016 - 2022 akreon
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I had a feeling this looked familiar when I got this card in Witcher Blood and Wine. It's your handiwork! Not only is this card a true lifesaver when using the Skellige deck, the art is breathtaking! I know this comes late, but it makes me smile to see your art in such a well known game franchise like Witcher.

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i would love if they sold this stuff as real playing cards
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Don´t tell me this is the card from the actual game???
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It actually is. If you watch some Gwent gameplay on Youtube, you can find plenty of cards with Akreon's artwork.
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Your Gwent cards are awesome, every single one of them. Great professionalism!
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Really cool. Love the colors.
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I love this so much, the imagery is so good
Ah yes the rooster, my chinese horoscope. Roosters are scary now that I see this
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What are Gwent cards, exactly ? I am curious because this is absolutely amazing *-*
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"Gwent" is the minigame that made its first appearance in The Witcher 3, that has become popular enough to warrant its own spin-off
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Okay, thanks ;) 
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You make a sparkldog artist like me want to go into fine art, painting and illustration.
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Well, that's one deadly cuccoo right there. ^^; They should've known better than start to bother the rooster. ;)
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The amazing technique aside, I really love the contrast between the grim mood of the battlefield with it's dull and dark colours, and the warm bright gold of Kambi. He really looks the creature of the gods bringing light into the darkest of places.
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Everybodys dead, get the golden chickens out!!!
Love the glittery effect. It looks so fluid!
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So, you work for CD PROJECT, painting the Gwent cards? O.O
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It loos so real... 
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I never thought a rooster could look this majestic. 
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