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Iorveth - Gwent Card

By akreon
© 2017 CD PROJEKT S.A. 


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© 2018 - 2021 akreon
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this is the best art of all cards Clap 
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The moment I saw that squirrel i instantly fell in love with that artwork. The whole mood is great. Great Work!
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I really like the shadows in this piece
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I didn't like Iorveth because unless you betray Roche (who was always good to Geralt), you never get to see any side of him besides angry, broody rebel. If they showed a gentler side to him and some charisma then I would've loved him. Instead I only kind of like him.
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I absolutely enjoy your artwork for the standalone Gwent game. And being how Iorveth is my favorite, I literally melted when I saw this one. The bright colors and him actually looking peaceful for a change is just the right thing.
I love this card, and adore your work. Thank you so much for sharing all the pieces you've done so far with us. They have been such an enjoyment to see all the details that cannot be seen in the game. :heart:
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To jest genialne! Doskonale uchwyciłeś sielankę, ta zrelaksowana mina, ciepłe światło na policzku... Ale ta wiewiórka... Wisienka na torcie. Całość jest przecudowna! Uwielbiam tę pracę :D O walorach technicznych nie będę wspominać, wiadomo, że są doskonałe ;)
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The quiver quality, stiffness of the ble sash sticking out, and the ringmail lying on the leg, and the almost too sharp edge of the hair (and a small, but not glaring 'cut' in the leather armor near the armpit area) makes me think this is painted over a digital model.

That said, your painting quality is still just retardedly good overall. I'd kill for that level of good. My favorite is the lesser demons so far.
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The lighting is beautiful, it feels like I’m actually in the scene, your art never ceases to impress!
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LOL squirrel! Lovely painting.
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Fantastic. Your artistic skills are breathtaking.
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Iorveth nie śpi, Iorveth czuwa
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This is very nice
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oh man dudes about to get straight murdered by a squirrel in broad daylight. rip.

the glints on the chainmail make me weep ak. honestly seeing your work is always astounding ; w;
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Wow!!! <3
I love him so much ;w;
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This looks just stunning. Do you think you will ever show a process video or GIF of your workflow? I'm really curious of your technique/process. You are one of my favourite artist and inspiration!
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this is amazingly lifelike! I had to look closely to make sure it wasn't some kind of 3D render - the plants especially threw me off, I seriously love the way you've managed to capture the shapes and textures of the different leaves and fungi, and the amount of detail in the tree bark alone is astounding!
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Piękna karta. Kolorystyka, kompozycja, ustawienie planów i wycyzelowane detale składają się na wprost idealny obraz. Całości dopełnia piękne światło. Wiewiórka z orzeszkiem to już wisienka na torcie ;)  ruda, wąsiasta wisienka ;) :D
Wszystkie Twoje karty są niesamowite, ale ta zachwyciła mnie wyjątkowo :)
Oczywiście :+fav:
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I hope the squirrel doesn't try to store the nut in his eye hole...

Quite nicely done! Though, that does not look like a comfortable place to rest, haha.
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Fantastic. My favorite new Gwent card art - now my profile card in the game. Scoia'tael squirrels for life!
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Geeze...this almost looks  real. I'm  stunned.
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