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Imlerith: Sabbath

© 2017 CD PROJEKT S.A. 

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Imlerith knows how to live!

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! Amazing work !

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Thinking back about it Imlerith is kind of a chill badass.

All the while his entire species is faced with nothing but extinction
and the clock ticking down on their entire realm AND while he should lead the Armys of his King currently invading another dimension...

, he just decides to take a break
and spank some Succubi
like a Harem boss. :lol:

fortnite orange justice 
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Oh my, they look dangerous
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Mhmhm, pretty intense! Although the chair looks like it's a big ramp and the guy is trying his best not to slide it down. O.o
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This looks like CG! Absolutely stunning.
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Incredible work! :wow:
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SUPERB!!!  Wonderful piece!
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Niesamowita praca, jak zawsze z resztą :)
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Holy... hell this looks so freaking amazing and .. EPIC and ... I just love the painterly looking style and arghh so perfeeect <3 
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Geezas, isn't it powerful...

The redhead gives me goosebumps
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Is it me, or does something smell like burning? :)
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Those are succubi, of course there are boobs. x3
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Great picture as always. I'm very impressed by the way you improved the last two years. Every Gwent picture is is getting better and better. 
I would be very interested knowing what your workflow looks like. Especially how you decide about your colour palette your colour palette. Do you use references? Do you make that up? Is it an hit and miss or is it a fairly smooth process? Just asking because it's something I struggle a lot.  
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I aspire to be this good!
This is just beautiful and so dynamic! Fantastic work! :heart:
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The Chairman of the Throne!
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Colors and general composition are incredible, let alone the expression of the faces! One of the best illustrations lately!
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This is very great
Nice girls
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