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Hati vs Skoll

Something I drew way back in February to be printed as a postcard for our patrons at…
Thank you guys for all the support! :heart:
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I have read the comic Off-White, amazing work, something to be proud of for sure. Amazing details in all of your work, i will enjoy following this account and your insta so and so much!

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Outstanding detail! :clap:
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Which one is which?
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Don't know if you've found out already, but here you go. Blue eyes: Skoll. Red eyes: Hati.
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Thanks. I hadn’t found out yet
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This is so awesome!
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your art inspires me in my drawing, I admire your talent enormously!
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I wonder if you could do a crossover with Okami, because this would fit perfectly
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I luv the off white comic that goes with this!! This is awesome!
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Are these your personal characters? Or THE Hati and Skoll? The wolves of Norse Mythology, sons of Fenrir, who aim to devour both moon and sun?
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What are those markings on their faces?
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read their comic and you will find out
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Can I marry with this pic? 
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incredible artwork Love 
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The intensity of the eyes are just amazing. Nicely done. :D
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Beautiful! Love offwhite probably my favorite webcomic!
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I love the yin yang vibes I get from this :)
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Awesome! Are they fighting each other or as a pack? The markings on their faces are neat as well, but the over all feeling of vicious beasts this painting gives off is what makes it awesome. Great job!
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Great expression! I hope you don't mind me using it to illustrate my status. ;P
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