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Gelatinous Cube


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Marketing illustration for MtG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.
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Outstanding piece!

This is beautiful!

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Absolutely love how the edges of the cube look just like split jelly! This whole piece is stunning!

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I have to say, when I first saw this Gelatinous Cube on "Onward" I was sincerely surprised to find out it was a real monster in D&D

Slime monsters are kinda archetypal to fantasy/adventure settings, but to make it a cube just felt silly XD

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Nice perspective. Now get that horrible cube away from me.

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Where's Steve McQueen when you need him?!

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The reality of the cube is terrifying.

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Very nice work! Love the way you depicted this classic creature!

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I watched Onward today.

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This is one of the most senseless... and most creepy creatures in D&D. You know - such "nothing" corrodes your armour/weapon and when you defeat it, you don't even feel fabulous. Only sticky and smelly...

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It's symbolic of getting sucked into the game and being drained of your money/treasure. :P

That's horrifying, well drawn.

utterly incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

wonderful picture!!!

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I remember this being my very first combat encounter ever playing D&D.

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Barley Lightfoot approves 💪💪💪

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I watched it again today.

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Super nice and awesome work!!!:clap:

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