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A bunch of flowery elves sketches plus a random fox added as a space filler  :XD:
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Very well done!
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This is so gorgeous!
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Amazing work !!!! :wow: :wow: :wow: :love: :love: :love:
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omg this is so pretty 
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I've been following you since 2011 and I thought you were amazing then. I couldn't fathom how someone as good as you could get any better. I stopped coming here and decided today, after all these years to check out what you were up to, or if you were even active... WOW, unbelievable amount of growth... I cant even imagine how much hard work you put into your craft! Do you do this 24/7? Seriously, you are a master. Anyways, enough brown nosing. Congratulation on all your hard work, you must be proud to see the things you can create! I'll always be a fan and will always use you for inspiration. Thank you!
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I really love this piece. They look like a fun group!
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Love your cross-hatching skills!
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I appreciate these 'older' fairytale-esque elves Ok Hand Emoji 
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Gorgeous work. :heart:
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Macha:   Wonderfull.. i like it..Clap Clap Nod 
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This looks absolutley fantastic! I really like the smiling elf and her freckles :3
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The smiling elf is stunning
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great composition! love the flow
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It's so beautiful... 
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i wonder if that fox is secretly an elf bewitched to look as such...
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Beautiful details and great composition O:
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i mean we all know that foxes are the elves are the forests

Some would say deer but I disagree 
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I have been falling more in love with graphite lately. I really like this a lot.
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