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Eldain - Gwent Card

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Hmm... what's that, another bard I've found? Finally I can sing with glee, without being alone!🎵
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Great job, but what does it mean, who are these faces and why is this particular image depicted? In the description of the work about this is not a word.

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Well, you can read about Eldain on the internet and find out who they are and stuff, it makes sense. :)

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God, this is amazing!
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Elves. The most beautiful, most deadly assassins.
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Stunning. Dark. Love it.
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first thought to come to mind was Zevran lol @Rhianimation
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ohmygod. wtf amazing .-.
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I love the contrast of the handsome elf stands out amongst the macabre of the foreground. How the lighting pulls the eye to him then you notice the other details like the foreground then the crushed limbs.... It's great.
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You know, I don't think I would even be mad watching the killcam. At least he provides great post-game entertainment. 

In all seriousness; your paintings are so ridiculously well crafted. Love the composition here with the water line framing the bottom and the gorgeous lighting up top. (Do you ever just make a shit painting anymore and hate it?)
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Nothing like a song after killing someone
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Do you have any advice in terms of reaching a level like this?

Maybe some way to study that has been really effective for you? Getting critiques, something along those lines?

You really inspire me to push and improve ;-; Your improvement since I started following you has been so amazing.
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I like this waay to much <3, if that is even possible haha :D 
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Wow!.....Just sitting there as the dead float by, thinking of a tune.... I like it. :)
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It's TERRIBLY (in all senses) awesome. 
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When someone interrupts your sick lute solo but they dont know you are also a master archer
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Damn he looks hot in this
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Spectacular and amazing
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It looks so amazing
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this is super pretty and i love it and i love the pov and the WATER lOOK AT THAT WATER

but also the comments are pure gold
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Beautifully done, love the pov. I must say I got a good chuckle from some of the comments. I look forward to seeing the rest of your wonderfull art.
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