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Marketing piece done for "Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance"

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the first time I saw him was in a videogame called Demon Stone... MAAAAAAAN what a masterpiece, this bring so much memories back to me

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DUDE!!!!! This looks fantastic!!! I love those books

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He looks so cool! Awesome work!

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How did you manage to get that soft metallic reflection?

very awesome!!

amazing picture!!

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I like your take on Drizzt, even if I don't like Drizzt as much as a charakter.

You see, I was playing a dark elf ranger in DnD, before the Drizzt books came out. And suddently you found Drizzt-clones everywhere - a douzent on every fantasy convention... :(

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One of my heroes. This is one of the best renderings of Drizzt I have ever seen! Great job.

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Very cool! I just started listening to these books on Spotify in the past two weeks or so.

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Looking great :la:

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What is your secret to such amazing paintings?

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He looks freaking awesome!!!:clap::clap:;)

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