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Marketing illustration for MtG Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.
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terrible stuff

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Beauty is in the eye of the-- oh

Excellent work!

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Awesome just awesome

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That's pretty creepy. Even creepier what those eyes do :P

Freaky eye. Well drawn.

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You're the best!!!

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Awesomeness c:


wonderful picture!!!

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OMG!! that is totally awesome, it disturbs me soooooo bad

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Seldom saw a Beholder this awesome!

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I looked into its eyes and saw beauty.

...Then I died horribly, but that's what clerics are for.

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He was pretty based among the other monsters, but eventually they grew tired of him always saying "BEHOLD YOUR DOOM!" all the time and kicked him out of the clubhouse.

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Looks super awesome and beautifully creepy! Great awesome artwork!!:clap:

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Absolutely stunning. The details are just so breathtaking. Nice work!

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