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September 13, 2021
Arlinn by akreon
Featured by TsaoShin
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Box art illustration for MtG's Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set.
AD: Keven Smith
©Wizards of the Coast

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© 2021 akreon
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neon-phosphor's avatar

this illustration is incredible. it's unsurprising to hear you are a professional artist. keep it up.

Love the movement in this! Wow!

CrossMario52's avatar

This art is both scary and amazing at the same time!

Scary, but woah- incredibly good

PolygonWrangler's avatar

I like it! Reminds me of a sketch I never finished but has the same concept in my mind that I just couldn't get out on the paper. Niice work!

Rainbowblitz123R's avatar

This is just...Amazing

hbaf187's avatar

someone is a SNACK!

UDtheAesir's avatar
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Yiskah-chan's avatar

Soooo wicked!! Love it!!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

Rizafan203's avatar

That's freaking awesome! My husband is so hyped to buy this set especially the Pre-Release this weekend XD He started a Werewolf deck sometime back and when this set got announced he's been excited to see all the new werewolves. And its awesome to see your art on this card game.

OldHeadEd's avatar

Capcom's Darkstalkers series, brought to life?

Jack-13's avatar

This image got me back into playing magic, I've had a lot of fun. (They should give you a raise)

ChrisDraww's avatar

Nice! Really cool!

WyattW5's avatar

Very nice. but i do have to wonder, did little Red Riding hood get bit by the big bad wolf. lol

magigrapix's avatar

This reminds me of Weirdwolf, from Transformers.

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Fоllow thе link, and you won’t bе soггу!


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