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September 13, 2021
Arlinn by akreon
Featured by TsaoShin
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Box art illustration for MtG's Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set.
AD: Keven Smith
©Wizards of the Coast

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Β© 2021 akreon
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This illustration is amazing :D

Bumble0987's avatar

that orange light coming from the bottom really gives it that warm feel somehow and makes it look dangerous as hell. i really love your style!

That is a suden DEATH

That's stellar.... Love the lighting

It’s getting bloody out there

I can feel the movement

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My dog when he smells a slim Jim downstairs.

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Imagine going out only for a few minutes walk near the woods and see THIS THING coming at you at full speed, what would you do?

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this illustration is incredible. it's unsurprising to hear you are a professional artist. keep it up.

Love the movement in this! Wow!

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This art is both scary and amazing at the same time!

Scary, but woah- incredibly good

PolygonWrangler's avatar

I like it! Reminds me of a sketch I never finished but has the same concept in my mind that I just couldn't get out on the paper. Niice work!

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This is just...Amazing

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someone is a SNACK!

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