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Looking for recommendations! Recently I've shut down website for my old webcomic "Off-white". The upkeep was too expensive. What would be the best way to archive it? I'm considering putting it into a a pdf. for people to download or uploading it to

Magic: The Gathering prints

Magic: The Gathering prints

Hey guys, For anybody that might be interested I've started selling prints of my Magic: The Gathering illustrations at  originalmagicart.store Cheers!



I decided to mercy kill my ☠️tumblr☠️ In order to keep the social media gods sated I've opened a twitter account --> https://twitter.com/_akreon_ That's all. Over and out.

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Hi so I heard you have take down the off-white comic website and said you will put it as a pdf. So when it will be ready where will I be able to find it? I have been able to read some of the pages but they were messed up. I can't wait to read the whole story.

hey ! howve you been ?

El cómic en pdf ¿lo publicarás por aquí?

pd. Espero que esté traducido por que amo tu arte y quiero que mis hermanos menores lo lean y amen igual :(

Hello. ^^

So did the OFF-WHITE website get taken down ??? Can't find it anymore Oo.

yep, we took it down. I'll put the comic in a pdf. so anyone interested will be able to download it :)

Webtoon and Tapas have been the places where most people have been uploading comics recently. KayFedewa did that with her BBA reboot years ago.

The Duck - A pretty quality web comic site, and for that, it’s popular. You get some customization to where your comic is viewed, and it’s set up very nicely, complete with tutorials and forums.

Smackjeeves - Almost like a web comic forum that also does hosting, but the hosting is certainly the emphasis. Like a forum, though, it has an active community and premium features, have the cash to spare.

Line Webtoon - It is a perfect platform for that. It’s compactable on many portable appliances. It doesn’t take a chef to know how to use it. Its UI is so simple that even a juvenile can learn in less than a minute how to upload. Customization to your comic set is minimal, but visibility is all right, though there is not much of a community. There is a lot of good stuff here, too.