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Geese Drawing


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Haze + Light


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Entomolingua: Ereignis #39


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NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 30 - Inanna

The city is sunsleep, Golden - her voice, her face As she steps down intricate cylinders Toward something only she knows. And the sang-ngiga who call Out from desert to desert tip She smiles upon like milk and honeysuckle From the bleakest fronds And caresses their skin, warm And she is a warrior, Wings that stretch a thousand cubits Wide and beat with the bloodpulse of nations Arc around the snarling lions Tamed by the touch of her hand, Protecting, always protecting That burning Gently-kissed nobleland. Through tunnels she creeps, Night and night for azure As the moondog slumbers heavenly Above and below The underworld and cool in shade,


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Charlie Weasley

Harry Potter

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Elrond (Hugo Weaving) - Watercolor Portrait


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Game of Thrones

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Cas Wingspan


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Sailor Moon redraw challenge

Sailor Moon

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Stardew Valley Realistic Abigail (Teal Hair)

Stardew Valley

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fan art

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flowers and plants

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Geese Drawing


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Save What May Be Lost


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Shallow Waters

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SPYRO - Sunset

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Rainy day home


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Live Like You're Loved

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Shaman III

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Zahn Tokiya-ku McClarnon

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Viking Love

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Eve II

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The Sand Cavern

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Magritte in Gdansk


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The mountain, the river and the tree


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Blue twilight


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Swirling Aurora


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Assassin's Creed - Altair cosplay costume V2.0


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Wallpaper Macro


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Ocean Goddess Gown

artisan crafts

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Whale Day


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Love Letters

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The Woes of Self Publishing My First Novel

Being a Beginner Week My novel started out as a creative writing project for uni. The assignment was to write a multiple-chapter story. There were no restrictions. By the time the assignment was due, I had written the first three chapters of Black Velvet, and after receiving a glorious grade for it my teacher suggested I'd keep writing on it, because she thought it had potential, and before I knew it, it was a novel. I never wrote this with the intention of having it published, so by the time I realised "I could publish this!" I had done zero preparation to do so. This presented me with a challenging set of new tasks, which in turn made me


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Installable Spring-Sakura Skin

creative resources

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TheArtistLounge Artistic Journey #36

Would you like to see more? Then don't hesitate to check out our gallery! And remember to favourite/comment the artists' works! Artisan Crafts Digital Art Literature Photography Stock and Effects Traditional Art Credits: Cover image by Sirius-sdz, Texture 816.


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Representing Gender Diversity Through Pronouns

***Article written by @GDeyke (they/them) and @neurotype (any)*** Depending on your cultural background, you're already well aware that gender has never been binary. Even if you aren't, visibility of trans and nonbinary people has improved dramatically over the years. So we'd like to offer you some resources on writing more inclusive and representational stories. As with any other group, gender does not define personality. Remember to use the same process to develop your trans/nonbinary characters as anyone else. (If you think this is all a load of crap and there are only two genders which align with people's biological sex, here is an article and our final word on the topic. Comments about this will be hidden. We are not here to educate you on science. Read the article. Study biology. It is better to have no opinion than an uninformed opinion.) Before we get started, here are a couple of guides you may find helpful to understand associated terminology and preferences. Note that

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Eyebrows Ariel

Disneyebrows Contest

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there's sorta a lot missing

in elementary school i had chased a boy around the playground because i had liked him. in actually, i didn't. i only made a fool of myself, made it seem like i crushed on him since my mom had said mean things about our neighbors at the time. they were both women and lived together. my mom called them lesbians. and though i had no idea what that word meant, i never thought they were bad people. across the street from our house lived a girl named sam. i was friends with her and we played soccer together. i stinked at it, but it was fun just hanging out with her. i thought she was so nice and i got this warm feeling when we talked. famili

Beauty in Raw Humanity

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Blackriver: Ch 1

The previous March Charlie Fitzroy was interrupted by a phone call as he pulled back from the front door of Blackriver Cottage. Trance music blared from the back of his jeans over the sound of running water: a stream, nicknamed the Blackriver after a historic oil spill, resided behind the house, lending the cottage its name – or so he’d read online. “Hello?” he said, his accent betraying his Eton education.   Yorkshire shone in bright shades of green around Charlie, who loitered on the cottage’s gravel driveway, his shirt sleeves pushed to the elbow against the heat of the afternoon. His black hair was brushed

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Ogura Hyakunin Isshu prompt

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Aferah The Woman

Diverse Futurisms and Fantasies

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Age of Sail

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On the Bitterness of Coffee

lament a soul would be sullied (river waters muddied) to carry unyielding fire like the one that burns in a most sombre dusk that, although it howls detains all in grandeur it is auxiliary to power needed of living things and surely better than going home for waiting reprise then in the later time it returns in its truest horror, and burns the sky in fervent shades on the bitterness of coffee Jesus is like coffee Buddha is like tea.


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