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Outfit auction 007 - (OPEN)

By AKoukis
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Model  Luna mothModel  fairy 


The payment method is PayPal (2007-2014) Icon mid !! 

Auction ends 48 hours after last bid!


SB: 45$ (40€)
MI: 5$
AB1: 85$ (80€)    (You can request minor color changes.)
AB2: 125€ (120€)    (You can request major color changes. I will draw your character wearing this outfit on this base.)

AB2 Example: 



Bidding Rules:
Kunai Bullet Right Comment in chain under the "BID HERE" comment below!
Kunai Bullet Right Comment only with serious bids and only if you are 100% sure you want this adopt!
Kunai Bullet Right Each bidder must comment in reply to the previous bidder's comment!
Kunai Bullet Right If someone claims "AB1" or "AB2", then that bidder automatically wins! 
Kunai Bullet Right Do NOT harass the other bidders for ANY reason! If you do so, your comment will be hidden and you will be permanently blocked!
Kunai Bullet Right If you win, you have 48 hours to pay! If you fail to do so, your comment will be flagged as spam!

Buying Rules:
Kunai Bullet Right Credit me for the design!
Kunai Bullet Right After winning, you'll receive the full-sized, unwatermarked version.
Kunai Bullet Right You may NOT alter the design!
Kunai Bullet Right You may change the colors!
Kunai Bullet Right If you want to upload this artwork to other websites outside DA, you must credit me (leading to this account) and you must notify me!
Kunai Bullet Right Do NOT resell! If you don't want it anymore, just give it back to me! NO REFUNDS!
Kunai Bullet Right By buying you agree that if I want (may or may not), I can sew this design for a photoshoot (to showcase my work). If that happens, you'll be credited and messaged if you'd like to buy the sewn product. Prices vary depending on the price of materials, my work on it and shipping costs.
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© 2020 AKoukis
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Thalia-DawnbringerHobbyist Writer

Beautiful outfit - I love how you integrated the luna moth's wing pattern with the dress' design!

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AKoukisProfessional Writer

Thank you so much!

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what a beautyful <3

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AKoukisProfessional Writer

Thank you!

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AKoukisProfessional WriterFeatured

Questions Here

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If I bought this, would I be able to attempt to sew it myself?

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AKoukisProfessional Writer

Of course! It's available for any use. :)

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General Comments Here

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