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Character Concept - Lunaria


Here's finally Lunaria's concept art after about 50 hours or so of work. One of my proudest works I have to admit. I learned a lot along the way, especially about lace and fur. Feel free to draw her or cosplay her. Just tag me.

"A sparkle of light in the night sky. Gifted with the grace of a Silver Imperial, Lunaria's silver feathers and fur could reflect thrice the amount of moonlight, glowing like a star, appearing completely white and bright. Her elegant flight could give her the appearance of a spirit. Her long mane waving like blue fire. Her long, white whiskers dancing with her every move. A wingless dragoness, swimming in the sky among the clouds. Lunaria was the only one of the four who was lucky enough to inherite her father's gold exoskeleton. She was the kindest and most compassionate creature this earth had ever seen."

Lunária is Atheron’s second eldest daughter. After her father found Rihanna and her sisters, Lunaria became a foster mother for them since she had more of the maternity instinct than her sister. Being aware that they were the last of their kind, Lunaria always knew that becoming a mother was impossible for her and her sisters since the only male dragon is her father. Lunaria lost her mother in a relatively young age, though she and Ariza remembered her while the other two didn’t.
She was born a Silver Imperial, a wingless, feathered dragon species that reflects moonlight which makes her appear like a spirit in the night sky, glowing iridescent white. Her mother was a Red Imperial but since her father is a feathered Alíko dragon (Alíko Dipterosaurus), an extrinct Japanese dinosaur species, Lunaria was born a Silver Imperial. She has the power to turn soil into silver and she can melt silver with a single touch.
One of her abilities is sensing even the slightest seismic activities. That sensitivity forced her into leaving Mount Fuji and living in China for some time where she fell in love with their culture and the people who worshiped her like a deity every time she went back. She carries a lotus flower pendant on her necklace, right under the crescent moon, just above her heart as a symbol of her love for the country. Her harp also has a lotus ornament on the very top.
Her father lived at the Norse countries for years, blending among the pagans better than the rest of the world due to his horns. That way, he managed to learn the ancient English language which he taught to his daughters. Before that, they only spoke Sirdándah and Kaiéra.
Lunaria is the only one of Atheron’s daughters who inherited his gold exoskeleton. Proud of her species and self-confident, she chooses to keep a lot of her dragon features in her humanoid form, including her antlers, the whiskers, the silver claws, her feet, feathers on several areas of her body and her tail. She loves taking care of herself and she hates filth by all means.
She has always been Atheron’s favorite due to her resemblance to Melora, her mother. She’s kind at heart and generous. She loves good food and she enjoys hunting with her sisters. She prefers walking around at night rather than in the morning. She adores her silver harp which Rihanna and Atheron made for her and when she plays music with it, nature goes silent as if every creature calms and listens to it.

Full name:
Gender: Female
Age: 10 million years old (approximately 55 related to human years)
Species: Dinosauria
Subspecies: Drakonidae
Family: Silver Imperial
Ethnicity: N/A
Ancestry: N/A
Father: Atheron
Mother: Melora
Marital Status: Single
Family Status: Single Parented
Siblings: Ariza, Enma, Elinor, Selini
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: Seishiro Shinoda (nephew), Josuke Shinoda (nephew), Rihanna (foster daughter), Anya (foster daughter), Moira (foster daughter), Taira (foster daughter)
Personality: Self-confident, kind, honest, blunt, hesitant, realist, selfless, generous
Likes: Taking care of herself, snow, walking around at night, the moon, good food, taking care of her foster daughters even when they don’t need it, cleaning herself a lot and carefully, jewelry, crystals, all iridescent things, vanilla flower and smell, music
Dislikes: Loud sounds, being ignored, rain, the sun, daffodils, bad smells and filth
Hobbies: Hunting with her sisters, playing her harp, making objects with leaves and sticks, weaving, crocheting
Powers (things she developed later): Turns soil into silver, melts silver with a touch, breathes silver dust (in dragon form)
Abilities (things she was born with): Invisibility, glows under moonlight (in dragon form), wingless flight (in dragon form), flexibility (in dragon form), senses seismic activities
Height: 5’ 9” feet (1,82m)
Weight: 158 lbs (72kg)
Eye color: Sage green
Eye Shape: Downturned
Lip Shape: Thin, downward turned corners
Body Type: Slim, inverted triangle
Face Shape: Diamond, protruding chin
Languages: British English (fluently), Medieval English (fluently), Mandarin (fluently), Kaiera (fluently), Sirdandah (fluently)



Appearance Details:

Skin: Fair, old
Hair: Silver white with muted blue balayage. Wavy and long. Chooses hairstyles with braids.
Eyes: Sage green
Eyelashes: Silver white
Claws: Her claws are silver, long and sharp. The silver blends to the base of her fingers.
Cheeks: Nasolabial folds. Boney. Gold foil shaped like her gold exoskeleton.
Eyebrows: Two rows of silver white feathers.
Jaw: Three rows of silver white feathers.
Whiskers: Iridescent white. On cheeks.
Antlers: Silver. Base wrapped with two rows of braids. Embellished with silver chains and holographic clear crystals.
Legs: Wolf-dragon mix from knee down. Furry and silver. Silver white feathers on the back of the calves.
Arms: Silver white feathers on the forearms-elbows.
Tail: Long and relatively thin. Long mane on the bottom side. Silver white feathers on the tip and on the spine on her waist (tail base).
Beauty marks: N/A
Extra: Shimmering gold makeup with dark outer corner and white inner. Black double eyeliner in wolf’s eye shape with a dot in the inner corner. Nude tone lips.



Outfit Details:
Laces: On gown, white crochet lace with silver thread. Embellished with holographic rhinestones and two rows of feathers with holographic glitter tips. Connected to the gown. On cloak, silver thread embroidered laces, embellished with holographic rhinestones and beads.
Cloak: Sleeved with wide holes. Is worn under the lace of the gown. White long wolf fur (her own dragon form fur tuens into cloak, just like Atheron’s feathers.) with ornate holographic branch-like shapes.
Gown: Maxi train, sleeveless gown consisting of three layers of fabrics. White sparkly polyester satin, white silk chiffon and pearlescent silk organza, embellished with pearl beaded chains and hanging clear holographic crystals.
Accessories: Silver circlet on forehead with a sapphire rhinestone and pearl beads. An aura quartz crescent moon necklace with ornate wire in a lotus shape and holographic rhinestones, and an inverted lotus charm hanging under it. Silver chain with holographic white pearl beads.


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Looking amazing beautiful :D which is I already forget what I’m going to say XD nice :D

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Thanks so much, Pally! ^^

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Looking fabulous 😊👌

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much!

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You are most welcome

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Who is this lover you mentioned?

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Oh. Atheron is Lunaria's father.

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this character looks epic!

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Thank you so much!

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Wow, You've got to zoom in for those wonderful, wonderful details. They just radiate of the pure time and love put into this piece. Wholy crap dude. Shes make me smile a lot. On top of the tid bit of profile :>

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Thank you so much! ^^

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