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The Face of Feudal Bisaya

Dagway sa Katigulangan Bisaya
(The face of feudal Visayan aka Pintados)

Font available to download here - [link]

Speed coloring video - [link]

The Face tattoo is only restricted for those Elite Warriors of Feudal Visayas, according to Book Barangay sixteenth-century philippine culture and society by William Henry Scott, ‘Bangut’ is what the called they the face-tattoo, other Visayan language probably? had a different term for the face-tattoo, the design which mimics a crocodiles jaw is called ‘langi’ it also mentioned about a beak design, In Pigafettas journal he mentioned that Rajah Humanbon of Cebu had a flame-like design tattoo on his face.

“The Red head-gear or Pudong/Purong is what they called “Magalong”, it signifies the most valiant warrior in Feudal Visayas.”
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Can I incorporate this in my project? face mask... going to use "Bangut" as product line. To give my facemask, a local story, along with the Cebuano handloom woven fabric Hinablon ("Hinabol"). I'm from Cebu as well by the way! thank you very mush for these amazing Sinugbuanong Binisaya Art and Culture info!

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The artwork is very nice. But just to be clear, pre-colonial Visayans particularly Cebuanos had long straight hair which was almost always accompanied by a head band. 

I'm Visaya by the way.
ganda naman,po! anong program ginamit ninyo po! beginner palang po ako. na inspired ako dito sa Digital art mo. pwede po ba sa bihin sa akin yung program na ginagamit ninyo, at saka tips din po!
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Very good!
Are you Bisaya too?

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yep! 100% Bisdak
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Pareha diay ta XD
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very well done! keep it up bro!
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You're awesome bro!
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proud to be one!
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