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Bisaya Modern Badlit Font - Tupong

Bisaya (MBF) - Tupong

Download font here:…

Script translation:
Ang kaági ug kalingáwon
atung pamináwon.

we are going to listen to the past and amusement

Baybayin font…

Suwat Bisaya/Badlit:…
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Maayong Gabii! Ganahan kaayo ko kay nagbuhat ka ug fonts para sa atong kaugalingong sinuwatan. Murag guba ang download link bai. Maayo unta kung makadownload mi sa font kay nindot jud kaayo. 
- Scott Pacaldo
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ako na gi ayo, sulaya na karon, 
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Beautiful design! I've never seen a font in this script before.
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Thank you Martin, the script belongs to the Writing system in the Philippines commonly known as Baybayin, in our particular region we called it Badlit script,
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It's odd I never saw it before. It reminds me a little bit of Devanagari and Armenian.

Do you also use different weights and italics in Baybayin? If not, what do you use for emphasis?
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no, there are none, it was never actually developed through out decades since the arrival of the Muslim and Spanish in the Philippines in 1500s, it was then during 2000s, young Filipino continue using it, mostly for arts and tattoos but not really as a Literature.

also, Devanagari and Baybayin/Badlit are related script, which is an Abugida or an alpha-syllable script,
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Ahh but that is a bit odd then because I know Devanagari does come in different weights, though as far as I know this script also has no italic. Come to think of it, many scripts don't seem to have italic or make a distinction between lowercase and uppercase. It's quite a pity because it expands the typographic possibilities. Small-caps for example are pretty cool to me.
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Baybayin does have a range of weights though,
this particular font style is the larger,
I am yet creating a lighter one,
as I already did the mid scale.
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Ahh that's great! Did I already invite you to become a member of #Temple-of-Typefaces so you can publish your work there? If not, feel free to join now if you want.
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I already have, thanks for inviting me.
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