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Bisaya Modern Badlit Font - Ink



Bisaya (Modern Badlit Font) - ink style

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Pamatíun natu run ang sugilánon
sa usa ka Iligánon.

English Translation:
Let us listen to the story of one Iliganon

I added new Tuning sound marks or (Paghuni sa pantingog kudlit) this are,
- long sound vowel (Taas pantingog),
- a glottal stop (Balî pantingog),
- a “ya sound” (Ya kudlit)
“which change any consonant inherent vowel to “ya” example: Dya, Sya etc.”
- a "ang sound" (ang kudlit)
"which adds any consonant inherent vowel to "ang sound" example: Kang, Dang etc."

which I based my modern kudlit/mark on the Kawi script diacritical mark,

The design of the symbols are based on Visayan Tattoo and other austronesian elements, which represent both Upperworld (curvature characters) and Underworld (V shape characters) elements according to Austronesian beliefs (reference).
(I’m going to post that soon.)

Suwat Bisaya/Badlit:…
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Hi may I ask how to write kilom-kilom