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Bisaya Modern Badlit Font - Ink

Bisaya (Modern Badlit Font) - ink style

Download Font here -…

Pamatíun natu run ang sugilánon
sa usa ka Iligánon.

English Translation:
Let us listen to the story of one Iliganon

I added new Tuning sound marks or (Paghuni sa pantingog kudlit) this are,
- long sound vowel (Taas pantingog),
- a glottal stop (Balî pantingog),
- a “ya sound” (Ya kudlit)
“which change any consonant inherent vowel to “ya” example: Dya, Sya etc.”
- a "ang sound" (ang kudlit)
"which adds any consonant inherent vowel to "ang sound" example: Kang, Dang etc."

which I based my modern kudlit/mark on the Kawi script diacritical mark,

The design of the symbols are based on Visayan Tattoo and other austronesian elements, which represent both Upperworld (curvature characters) and Underworld (V shape characters) elements according to Austronesian beliefs (reference).
(I’m going to post that soon.)

Suwat Bisaya/Badlit:…
© 2012 - 2021 Akopito
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pa help naman po .. d ko po ma download eh 404 page not found error

Another question. How to type "NGA" in Windows PC? 😊

HELLO! did i get this right?


Hi. Is this font available? It says it is not available. I hope this kind of font will continue to download in order to spread and preserve different scripts in the Philippines.

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use the download button just above the title, sorry link address keep changing.

gusto kaayo ko mag pa tattoo ani

Di lage nako ma download ang font brah

hey man, i'm filipino and my dad is Visayan. I stumbled across your work and actually thinking of getting a forearm tattoo similar to your pic below, do you have a more detailed image that i can use to give to the tattoo artist? 

Patikan - Tatak ni Bakunawa by Akopito
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I really admire your work man.
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Can this be used for commercial use? Or is it restricted to only personal use?

Really interested in incorporating it in a story my brother and I are working on.
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nothings restricted, it is shared, go for it.

sir bakit d ko na po ma download

Daghang salamat!

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