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Bisaya MBF - Ginaan

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This looks interesting - what is this font about? Is it an alive language? Or is it pure fantasy? Please tell more about it.
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Hello Abrx, thanks for the comment.

Alive Language, yes, Alive script I can only say never used in centuries,
this is called Badlit or commonly known as Baybayin in some region in the Philippines
this particular Font is a modern one with additional vowel modifier
(the traditional one has no Vowel killer and it only has 2 vowel modifier U and I)
this was used before the spanish arrived in the Philippines
it was used to write songs and poems and
this was inscribed in Bamboo and palm leaves,

the script is not so different from the Thai, Devanagari and other Abugida script in India and South East Asia
it is now slowly been recognized by Filipinos during the late 2000's even today.

for more information visit my page - [link]