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Shadow 3.6 - Gnome Shell Theme



Shadow for Gnome Shell 3.6


This is my second attempt on making gnome shell themes, its actually the dark-colored version of Asmagoria 3.6 (so a Dark theme for GS 3.6).

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


How to install:

1) First of all either fork this repo (reccomended for quick updating) or download the zip from here: [link]
2) move the directory inside the '~./themes' directory (if ~./themes directory doesn't exist, create it).
3) open the Gnome Advanced Settings Tool and in the Themes tab pick "Shadow" as your Shell Theme.


Github: [link]


Changelog: [link]
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Wait for your 3.8 version. Maybe I can made an aur package for your theme :D