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September 13, 2006
Go minimalistic with style, with Decadence Visual Style by ~akka. There are also matching icons, wallpapers and winamp skins to complete the package!
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Suggested by Maximhuz
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Decadence Visual Style

Part of the Decadence suite by Nuance

NOTE: With the exception of the wallpapers, everything in DECADENCE SUITE IS 'OPEN SOURCE.' Consider permissions granted to edit and distribute the skins/visual style/icons/litestep theme as you like, so long as no money is being made off their distribution and both nuance and the original author are credited.

There are several versions of kroeger 05_55 caps floating around, so make sure to install fonts before use. Also, be sure to apply the 3dcc! Dark visual styles need that extra bit of love. I should have put that in the readme.

Three font versions included: kroeger 05_55 caps, standard 07_57 caps, and avant garde lt medium caps.

My first visual style, so don't hate.

ICONS: [link]

update after so many complaints about the default font i looked into it, to realize that i included the wrong version of kroeger :( for those of you who downloaded BEFORE 09.18, get the font here: [link]

update2 dark taskbar glitch is fixed

website: [link]
#nuance on deviantart server come say hi.
© 2006 - 2021 akka
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SaikoBee's avatar
Pretty nice.
Also, yay open source. We need more open source styles/art in general.
sensign's avatar
Nice, wondering why i didn't discovered it yet :D
Nice. And a A+ for Open Source
x-missworld-x's avatar
I'm in love! this is fantastic! :D
eddkaborka's avatar
vincentbatignole's avatar
amazing!! absolutely amazing!! this is exactly the theme i have been looking for so long
DungeonsDeep's avatar
I have a question and it is really starting to frustrat me.I can't find a solution anywhere, and you were the only one I could think of to ask because I like to use your VS a lot.. I am trying to hide the little 16x16 px icons in the top left hand corner of all windows/programs. Can you give me a link to a program or forum that will teach me how to do this? Thanks in advance!
Yes, f***ing beautiful!!!!
FlashGordon87's avatar
Awesome work, man.
Hi, very good gallery ;)
chadillacthrills's avatar
how do you apply the 3dcc?
fL0urish's avatar
i rly like it its perfect!

but i got a problem with photoshop menu fonts: they are too big and not clear :\
TupiNikim's avatar
OneDevGiant's avatar
beautiful ... really awesome , thank you for your work
johnnyj3's avatar
awesome, very nice
PinkCherry92's avatar
arr___i L O V E it!
chalkley3's avatar
These skins are beautiful to look at, but in reality they are so hard to make functional. It's a shame though because it looks like you put a lot of work into these.
ingridk's avatar
amazing! looks so elegant
papillonseven's avatar
the updated kroeger link doesnt work :(
akka's avatar

sorry about all the troubles.
buffnstuff's avatar
christian...very excellent work. hope everthing is going well with you man
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