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Fiona - Viona character sheet

By akizz
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All about Fiona - Viona :)

What do you think?

Anything that I miss, or you have suggestions for improvement?

Questions about her? Feel free to ask!

*Update about her weakness. A more detailed explanation.

Here is the link to her warrior spirit

Link to New Heroes Database…

Viona stats by :iconanyastorm:
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© 2015 - 2021 akizz
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Link is gone ... Waaaah! 
akizz's avatar
It's still there
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Bizarre. DA's redirection led to an “unable to connect“, but when I copied and pasted the URL, it works.

Looks like DA is trying to redirect to which doesn't work. But does work.
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Ah, I'm sorry. I forgot about the database. It was a looong time ago lol
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New heroes database? Wifeo?
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Does she have a boyfriend either as Fiona or Viona? :?

Spectacular design on her in both forms and great story, too. ;)
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Yes, she has a boyfriend. Thank you for the comment :)
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Good morning!

It never hurts to ask... have you ever considered role-playing her in a fight?
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Good morning!

I'm sorry I'm not interested in role-playing.
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Alrighty. Take care!
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Usually I'm not interested in the origin of these or other models, but I still ask - where did you get the other elements of her "armor"?

Part of the elements I learned with ease, since I've already seen them before:
WoW OC Samantha meshmod release XPS by MGSRaiden
MGSRaiden's avatar
They all from Dragon Song DMRA by GBSmodder. An armor mod from Oblivion
repinscourge's avatar
Thanks for the advice! By the way, I find your works very inspiring! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
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Thank you very much my friend :happybounce: 
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Very Excellent Work!! So her skin is sensitive to contact...which about kinetic contact? Like constant hitting with fists or kicks than simple touch?

General Bardak: "Nice to meet you Miss Viona! I'm General Bardak...Leader of the Angel Falls Guardians."
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Yes, any skin to skin contact is sensitive to her. She's now able to keep focused as she is now more experienced. However if she's been hit with constantly she will relent.

General Bardak is a formidable ally to have!
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Nice Heroine concept.

Always good to know the strengths and abilities... and of course... the Achilles heel.  *grins*
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The Achilles heel gave a chance for us weaklings! ;)

Thanks for the fave.
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