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July 9, 2009
The death is called by ~akizhao. From the suggester: "You know the feeling you get when you see something so awesome you just need to share it with 7 million people? That's exactly what I feel when I look at "The death is called" by akizhao. Everything in this piece is jaw dropping, from the superb use of colours to the intricate detailing in the armour as well as the dreadful feeling coming from it make this fan artwork a masterpiece!"
Featured by aunjuli
Suggested by rydi1689
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The death is called

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Zireael07's avatar
This is amazing!
ScachioC's avatar
Esto es muy hermoso. 
MirachRavaia's avatar
I used your deviation's title in my Title Poem [link] . A thumbnail of the original is in the version linked in the comments, here [link]
Nightmarecl's avatar
I agree with every word Rydi typed, the piece is brilliant, beautiful and simply gorgeous. Well done Akizhao, this is magnificent work.
CwnAnnan's avatar
very amazing masterpiece!! love the cold colous and his expression <3
theTelekinesis's avatar
it's really cool man
hannah-banana's avatar
I love this I love how you made arthas look unkempt
=O it's Arthas! I love you for drawing him.. He looks amazing!
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
dear Akizhao...!!!
This very Intense digital art illustration is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
OathkeeperKeyblade's avatar
Wonderful colors, wonderful shading, wondeful everything =}D
mindscapebd's avatar
Stunning work , i don't know the game, but the artwork you've done is truly outstanding. Good job! =D
akizhao's avatar
Darkblacky's avatar
Frostmourne is calling ...
Great work, this one is really perfect! *_*

This one is the real Lich-King!
Bleed4Love's avatar
I love the icy look and Arthas. Wouldn't want to stand in his way though. :D
Trydning's avatar
I'd recognize Arthas, Frostmourne and his little pet just about anywhere! Cruel and cold, the way he is supposed to be. Outstanding work!
Edl0thia's avatar
Beautiful work.
Xclang's avatar
amazing ! warcraft no ? good painting :)
chaoticwaltz's avatar
Oh wow. Just wow.
This is one of the best pieces of Arthas artwork I have ever seen.
He's raising Sindragosa in the pic, right?

The lighting, the mood, the colours.
My gods, everything!
Everything is just so damn perfect and gorgeous.

I seriously, seriously adore this image.
And may have to use it as my desktop background.
Unless you object, of course x}
Kastarnia's avatar
OMG! is that Arthas? =O
nice draw!! =D
Artsydhude's avatar
Graphite3b's avatar
I am stunned! Everything about this painting is astounding! OMG the light! A loud and resounding WOW!!!!
chaosinvert's avatar
We like to call him Arthas ;)
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